Hi everyone.

I need you help cause im completely confused. I read about Vaadin before my first app. There i saw servlerts extended from VaadinServlet and every thing seem to be clear for me, there were UI now web.xml needed, sass etc. I started new project in NetBeans (with vaadin plugin) thru “New Vaadin web application” choice. In created project i found what i had read before (servlets, ui etc.). I wrote some basic operations for test work with components and hibernate. But project was diveded into 3 modules. It confused me, so i was looking thru Vadin book and there were written i should create project by archetype. So i did it. No modules but no servlets to. There is some Application and Windows etc. I tried transfer already made sources from module procet to archetype project but pages are displayed without any styles and after terribly long load.

So can anybody tell be what is difference between application vs. servlets and how can i build webapplication in no module maven project?


Depending on the version of the archetype, you might get a single module project or a multi-module one. In either case, the readme file in the generated project should explain how to use it.

If you want a single-module project, you can try a slightly older (perhaps 7.3.7 - not sure where this changed) or newer (7.4.0.beta3 or later) archetype version, and then just change the vaadin.version variable value in the generated project.