Confusion between Windows and Sub-Windows

Every time I have to take a look in the docs about (sub)windows I get terribly confused.

The Javadoc refer it as Windows ( Then, if you take a look at the online docs, in the “Layout Components” sections there is a “UI, Window, and Panel Content” subsection and, below, a “Sub-Windows” one. In the first subsection, 1st paragraph says: “The UI,
, and Panel all have a single content component, which you need to set with setContent(). The content is usually a layout component, although any component is allowed.”. Then no more references to that kind of “Window” are found. Then you gou to the “Sub-Windows” subsection nad they talk everytime about “sub-windows”, the demo class there is called “SubWindowUI”, but when creating the component it creates a Window component. To add more confusion, the method to add a (sub?)window to the UI is called “addWindow()”, although all the time they are referring them as “sub-windows” (upper or lowercase also changes arbitrarily). But below, in the same page, they change the nomenclature in the “Window Positioning” paragraph from “sub-window” to “window”, apparently implying that both terms are interchangeable, to later in page switch to “window” terminology again.

If you click on the “Live demo” blue button to go to the live sampler demo, you ¿discover? that the component is trully called “Window”. There the “sub-windows” term has disappeared, description talks all the time about “Window” and the source code assigns the result of the Window constructor to a Window variable called “window”. No single reference anymore to “sub-windows”.

Please, could you correct those inconsistencies in terminology? We already are confused enough to need any more confusion added. If there is no difference between “windows” and “sub-windows”, please refer to them univocally with one single term, and our mind will be less prone to explode.

Thank you.

Point taken. I’ll forward your well-founded feedback to framework team.

Blast-from-the-past: Sub-window and Window used to be in different things in Vaadin 6. Window (or application window) meaning a browser window (or tab) and sub-window meaning a popup window inside the application. They both used Window class. In Vaadin 7, the whole concept of application windows were removed and replaced with the UI class. Window class remained and was left to be used only with these “sub-windows”.

I created an issue to github:

EDIT: added issue link

Aaah! Now it makes sense. So at least there is a reason for the dancing around the terminology xD. Good to know. It also looks more logical to me at first sight how it’s done now. Thanks for taking into account :wink: