Confusion about widgetset And suggestion to OSGi


I’ve some confusion about vaadin widgetset:

  1. When I have a client side widgetset (from Addon), I need to compile it with GWT compiler.
    But this process could be done by widget (addon) provider, why would you let user doing this?
  2. Even I compiled with gwt, my program don’t need gwt-dev or gwt-user to run, right?
    Does the class files under gwt folder from widget (addon) also needed at runtime?

My project running in OSGi environment, to use vaadin addon, I have to download the source (not binary),
re-compile it with gwt it package it into several bundles. So I suggest:

  1. Release the pre-compiled widgetset if possible.
  2. The vaadin maven archetype should be aligned with OSGi, it should be package to a bundle instead of a jar.

There is a pre-compiled widgetset without any add-ons in the Vaadin JAR.

However, a widgetset depends on
the add-ons or other widgets used in the project and must be compiled in one operation (GWT limitation), and depends on the exact Vaadin version used, so it is not possible to pre-compile widgetsets in add-on packages.

The classes from the GWT JARs are not needed at runtime (some special add-ons might exceptionally use some classes from them, but that is not a typical case). GWT compilation does depend on the source code of all the client side code, which must be on the classpath of the widgetset compiler.

See also old forum posts about the topic and the group
- it has not been very active, but there is some good information there.

Concerning the archetypes, OSGi users are a small minority of all users. What impact would it have for other users to change the packaging, and how would it otherwise affect the archetypes?