ConfirmDialog source code & maven dependecy

This url is not working.

And I can not get maven dependency and I have to download jar file and add to classpath.
What’s the problem?

What is the error you are getting from Maven and what version of ConfirmDialog?
The source code is included in the package instead.

Version 1.1.1

Yes I got the code from jar file, but what is that link for?!

I would guess this is a POM that is either generated by the Directory (if the project does not have one, making some assumptions in that case) or a hand-written one. The ConfirmDialog project - like most Vaadin add-ons - is not built with Maven.

In either case, I would consider this a minor bug - either in the POM inside the add-on or in the Directory.

The pom.xml in this case is generated by the directory. It looks quite ok to me:



The source code link, however, was an old one and it has now been removed. Sorry about that one.