Config browse folder for Upload


I’m trying to use the Upload component to browse and upload a file in a form. What I want is the “browse”-part.

So if I’m clicking on the Browse Bottom → Browse Dialog opens → the root directory is the last remembered folder I have selected. E.g. Desktop or C:\profiles.…

Now I have received a request to configure the root directory of the browse Dialog.
Is it possible to change the remembered folder/directory of the browser (settings)?
For example: Click on the Browse Bottom and switch automatically to folder C:\XXX\XXX\XXX\

Thanks for your help,


No. The browse window is entirely up to the browser and it’s not possible to configure it in any way.

It’s always somehow satisfying to be able to give clear and unquestionable answers. If you just get over the usually very healthy worry about the existence some crazy workaround, such as the one for modifying the appearance of the upload input.