concurrency issues across UI objects

Hopefully this is a simple question: Does Vaadin serialize calls to all of the UI objects in an http session? I know a given UI never has more than one method called on it concurrently – does that extend to multiple UIs?

More specifically, if a user is logged in and has 3 tabs open, each tab has its own UI and each UI has a reference to, e.g. a User object. This User object could be the same in each UI either because it’s stored in the http session or because JPA lookups of the same class/id return the same object. Do I need to worry that one UI could be concurrently accessing the User at the same time as another UI (based only on http requests)?


As far as I know, it’s the exact purpose of the SynchronizedRequestHandler used in the Vaadin servlet to avoid concurrent requests in the same session. So based on that, there shouldn’t be a danger of different open UIs running in the same browser accessing the session concurrently.

Thanks, that’s what I expected from Vaadin, but wanted to make sure (I knew all of this once upon a time with v6, heh).