ComponentTree Post to Server

Hi, first off just want to say great work on this framework, brilliant stuff and we’ve been using it on a project for a few months now. I’ve also had lots of help from reading the forum which has been very useful.

I’m using the ComponentTree add-on as we need a tree like structure which inside has Tables. Its working great as expected, but the panel for this layout is some way down the page, and each time I expand or collapse a node, there is a POST to the server and the view is reset to the top of the page, so the user has to scroll back down again.

This is undesirable as we may have up to 50 nodes each with a table in, and having to re-navigate back is a pain. I’m not an expert yet in Web Application development, but is this related to the POST to the server? Can this be somehow avoided if I’ve already cached the data I want to show? All nodes at the moment start off expanded (through a slight modification of ComponentTree) and I just want the ability for the user to hide some of the nodes and tables without the page bouncing back to the top.

Many Thanks

After investigating further it turns out that the componentTree was working correctly - I tried replacing it with Animator and the same thing happened. But the componentTree was within a Panel, which was resizing and causing a post to the server. So lesson learnt!

Even more information, the cause of the page redrawing was the Liferay portlet my application is built into. The size was set to 100% but when expanding each panel is was being redrawn. Now I’ve given the application a hight of 5000px and it works, but would there be a way of making the portlet the correct size without the annoying jumping?