Components in a custom component (in vaadin7 Table style)


this is probably a very advanced question about custom vaadin7 components. I’m longing for a list compoment (also see

[/url]). I’m willing to create it on my own. Like a
, the component should display the
s of a

I stepped upon the following: The component should also support ‘Components inside’ like Table support ’
Components Inside a Table
'. I looked at the vaadin7 Table
implementation code
to find out how this is implemented. However, the current implementation is (still) a vaadin6 component (and uses the
vaadin6 compatibility layer

I wonder how you could support ‘Components from a Container inside a Component’ in a pure vaadin7 programming style (i.e. without the
stuff). Is this possible? And if yes, how to archive this?

Kind regards,