components disappears

​I have an accordion component with a few layouts inside
each layout has some optiongroup and comboboxes.

the problem I am facing is that the components disappears as can be seen on the short video I uploaded.
when the mouse hover the location of those components they can be seen again .

anyone knows why does it happen ? or how to fix it ?

Most probably you are using the same components multiple times.

Not sure I understand what do you by “using the same components multiple times”
The components were defined using Vaadin Designer. It seems to like a bug, since only components that cannot be seen without scrolling have this problem.

Ok , After further investigation ,I am pretty sure now that this is a Vaadin component bug.

whenever I have a scroll on the Accordion component I get this problem especially if the component is located in the bottom of the page where you need to scroll down the page to see it .

once the accordion component has no scroll (vertical) everything works fine no matter where the component located.

tested with Chrome