ComponentRenderer setProperty(Value Provider) is protected

Afternoon all,

Is there any reason for this while Template Renderer offers the withProperty() method?

I’m trying to use a ComponentRender to output a div that will house either Text or a TextField Element according to the state of an edit Checkbox.To do this I’m using a callback from within the component render to update the internals of the cell when a edit event occurs. It feels messy.

Rather than use a itemDetailsRender I want to update the cell itself to a TextField as it displays nicer.

So I went with this method first up but have come unstuck trying to sort information in the rows.

Any ideas?

Thanks for your help.


Thanks anyway found the solution in the Grid$Column class.

I needed to use setComparator(ValueProvider) to provide sortable data for the column.

Both addColumn(ValueProvider) and addColumn(TemplateRenderer) add providers during the add column phase but
addColumn(ComponentRender) does not so you have to call the setComparator(VP) method as well.