Component vs Div vs PolymerTemplate

Is there any guidance/recommendation on when to use which one? I haven’t read the entire book of Vaadin, but I did watch the videos and I don’t recall whether it was in there (that’s what I get for not taking notes as well as trying to learn four different technologies at once).


Hi Evan,

Using Polymer templates should generally result in a small and faster app, but I have not seen any data that outlines/quantifies the size and performance differences. The app I’m developing has 40+ pages and only a few of them are Polymer templates. One page with 20+ components took 2-3 seconds to load. After rewriting it to Polymer it went to almost nothing.

My own personal opinion is that the learning curve for Polymer seems quite steep, unless you have a strong javascript background. For that reason I would write most of the app in Java and only switch to Polymer for components, views or pages where load time is an issue.

There’s a few more comments on the subject here: