Component Event

There is one event that was fired when one component appears in screen?

For example, I have one tabsheet with 4 panel inside(each one are one tab) so when I change my tab I need to focus one text in that panel, I dont wanna put the event in tabasheet, I wanna to listen in my panels


Don’t think there is a event for that because this could slow a lot a vaadin application.

but you have the event in the method selectedTabChange in tabsheet
you can trigger your event from that.

maybe use an interface that you implement on your panels

public interface PanelActivate{
    public void activate();

and then create a SelectedTabChangeListener to add to your tabsheet

public void selectedTabChange(SelectedTabChangeEvent event) {         
     TabSheet source = (TabSheet) event.getSource();
     PanelActivate panel = (PanelActivate) source.getSelectedTab();