Compiling Vaadin project outside/without Eclipse?

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What is the best way of compiling a Vaadin project without using Eclipse, either programmatically or by a command line?

I am using eclipse, and I have a vaadin project generated. Let’s say the “Hello world” example. I would like to know what is the best way of compiling this project outside eclipse. If you have a solution for doing this in programmatically and directly from a java application, this would be perfect !!! If not, how can I do it using the console?

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I found this thread quite interesting, but still not enough:

What I want is to compile the FULL project (so widgetsets + java application) outside eclipse. It it can be don from a terminal it could be great.

After reading about ant, I am wondering if there is a way of converting my Vaadin project to a Maven project so I can generate the pom file and compile it from a console.

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I would suggest simply writing a an ant script to build your project; I am guessing from the question that you’re not terribly familiar with ant or maven. Well, I’m not familiar with Eclipse, but I believe you can
create an ant build script from Eclipse

You can then combine this ant script with the build-widget.xml script to create one all-singing-all-dancing ant script, or create a batch/shell script to call each one individually.



Thank you!!

It seems that there is enough info here already:

I managed to have something working :wink: