Compiling/porting existing GWT project as Vaadin Project.


I tried the following the tutorial with minor changes
I am using the eclipse google plugin + Vaadin 7.0.4

1>. I made a copy of an existing GWT HTML 5 based UI project
2>. Removed the GWT SDK from the project properties
3> Executed steps 1 → 10 as described in the tutorial.

Now, the Run As → “Google” Web application icon has disappeared after I removed the GWT SDK from the project.
Similarly the Debug as → “Google” Web application icon is also not present.

What am i doing wrong? Could somebody please through some light?

Thanks and Kind Regards,

The mistake I was making was - removing the GWT SDK from “properties”->" Google" → “Web Toolkit”.
The resolution is to just remove it from the build path.

However, there are still compilation errors - will launch a different post.