Compiling Ivy Project in Eclipse

I like the Vaadin Project plugin in Eclipse. But once changes are made how does one go about compiling and building and artifact to deploy to a servlet container? Definitely something that should be included in the documentation.


Yes, the documentation is lacking regarding production deployment. The simple way is just to use Export → WAR File in Eclipse. The more proper way is to make an Ant script that compiles the application, the widget set(s), and the theme(s), and then builds the WAR. Many of the demos that we have use Maven for all that, but if you have an Ivy project, I’m not sure if there is any complete example. I’ve been planning to write about it, but haven’t had time yet.

For one (incomplete) example, the
for the Book Examples builds the WAR, but it doesn’t currently build the widget sets and the themes, as those parts are unfinished. It just packages the widget sets compiled in Eclipse and the primary theme is a legacy CSS theme.