compiler seems to generate/map wrong getter for a field

I have a class with a boolean field like this:

private boolean inputPort; And a getter for it:

public boolean hasInputPort() { return inputPort; } Now I’m using this class in RPC, so it is in my widgetset/client package. When compiling the widgetset I’m getting an error that MyClass.isInputPort is not defined. Looking into the generated code (ConnectorBundeLoaderImpl) I see:

store.setGetter(MyClass.class, "inputPort", new Invoker() { public Object invoke(Object bean, Object[] params) { return ((MyClass) bean).isInputPort(); } }); So instead of my getter (hasInputPort) the compiler seems to use/look for the default getter eclipse would generate, which is in fact isInputPort(). I didn’t use that name because is doesn’t fit for me though…

Is this intended or a bug?

Probably the compiler use the JavaBeans convention. You should change your code to use it as well.