Compiler Assisted Localization (CAL10N) - Good Thing


Ceki Gülcü (famous log4j, slf4j, logback author) has made very interesting library for ‘Compiler Assisted Localization’:


Compiler Assisted Localization, abbreviated as CAL10N (pronounced as “calion”) is a java library for writing localized (internationalized) messages using resource bundles you are already familiar with, but with much greater comfort.

*   java compiler verifies message keys used in source code
*  tooling to detect errors in message keys
* native2ascii tool made superfluous, as you can directly encode bundles in the most convenient charset, per locale.
*  good performance (300 nanoseconds per key look-up)
* automatic reloading of resource bundles upon change

The three-page user
goes into the details, wherein supposedly the devil resides.

Also, If You are using your old grandpa java.util.logging or java.commons.logging, take a look at
Simple Logging Facade for Java (SLF4J)