Community Friday


I would like to follow up and collaborate in Community Fridays. How should I proceed?

I am the Researcher from Tampere University of Technology who is responsible of ITMill case in our Open Source research group [1]

My skype id is sirpete, feel free to contact me. I will be logging on skype for Friday afternoons. :slight_smile:

Currently I am in user stage of the community membership. I have used the ITMill Toolkit on our course ‘Techniques for Distributed Systems’.


I am not sure if we have discussed the concept of community fridays yet on these forums. As a quick summary: all developers at IT Mill try to allocate friday noons for projects and activities that benefit the IT Mill Toolkit community. These projects could be anything from creating a widget or example app to writing tutorials or helping people on the forums. Most of these projects have not yet been published, but I hope everyone will be discussing more about these here in the future.

The best thing to do is to hang here on these forums.

Forums are great, but what else there could be? Following is for raising up ideas and thoughts, please participate and discuss!

Instant messenger styled (IRC?) channel would be nice but I am not sure if any Toolkit expert has used anything else but skype meetings for smaller groups. Should we try to setup an IRC / Skype meeting for larger groups, if so then what would be the agenda?

Project homepage, SVN repository and Servlet Container space would also be excellent. We got infrastructure for these already working, should we offer these?

For now, some of the projects that selected people do get committed here:
Check timeline from (remember to check “Incubator” from the sidebox).

As a matter of fact, there’s already an unofficial #itmill IRC channel (in IRCNet), where some of the IT Mill employees idle.

Non-employees are always welcome, as the channel is public.

Most open source projects use the Freenode IRC server ( I’ve occasionally been hanging on #GWT and #Ajax, in addition to some other channels. I’ve also had #ITMill briefly, though I don’t think anyone came there because no one knew about it.

I’m basicly very pro-IRCNet and joining #ITMill there would be easier, but there really are a lot of open source people from many projects at Freenode.

I agree with Marko here.
we are to create a more official IRC channel, then I’d prefer the Freenode network.