CommunicationError notification position


We have a problem which is related to the following forum post:

We are using vaadin 6.7.4. We have also tested on 6.7.6 and the same problem occurrs.

When a user session is invalidated and the user performs an action in the application, a Communication Error notification is being displayed with the login screen (that is normally redirected to) nested within it. We have customized the notification using css to hide the unwanted elements so that only the caption and the message are displayed.

The issue we have is that the first time the notification is displayed, it is not displayed in the center at the top of the page. If the user clicks any other component on the page (not the notification), a second notification is displayed. The second one is centered on the page, but it overlaps the first notification which looks terrible.

Is there anything we can do to solve this, or is this a bug in vaadin?

Any help would be much appreciated.