Communication Problem

Hi Vaadin Team,

I am using Vaadin 7.7.9 version, I am getting the communication problem error on login page.
I have entered my URL into browser, it takes me throug the loging page, I am enterring credentials, however some time if i enter username it self am getting communicaiton problem error on screen, some time i enter the user name and typing password, then if i submit it is giving this communication error.

could you pleaset let me known when exactly it comes, and how to resolve. I have a low speed internet.

I would like to know when exactly this error comes.

I have tried increasing the heartbeat interval in web.xml to 1500, still not use. unabe to login.


Communication errors can happen for a lot of reasons, but
this page
is a great basic resource for understanding how the session and different configurations work together and what might help. It all depends a lot on how you want the timeouts to happen and what kind of handling you have already in place.

Hello, if you can share some code it could help in figuring out what’s going on with your app.

By the way, are you invalidating the session programmatically or not allowing cookies in the browser?