Communication Problem, Invalid JSON from server 1|X

Lately we have been getting this error a lot, I do not know whether it is related or not but the only change that comes to my mind is that we switched to AWS and we started to use Elastic Load Balancer. I do not remember getting this error before switching to AWS. We checked our logs but could not see anything related to this.

We are using Java 8, Vaadin 8, Springboot 2.0.0 on AWS EC2 with LoadBalancer.

Any suggestion on how can we find the problem or fix it ? Thanks in advance.


After a push Vaadin Servlet keeps sending 1|X message at every minute, when another push happens the old one stops sending 1|X and the new one stars sending it every minute.


Did you solve this issue?

We changed the Load Balancer’s time out value, haven’t got any error since.