communication between two server application !

I have two Web Server-Side Project. I want communicate between this ?
known someone how I can do it ? Keywords ?

I think one way is over databinding/database (but not fine… )… maybe can directly from Java communicate ?

if I move this two projects to one …shall it maybe easy ?

Thanks !

did you mean java WebServices JAX-WS .. SOAP, RESTfull ... ..? may be you have a,

Distributed Multitiered Applications ? or what ? … can you provide more informations … about your problem ?

Hi Marian S,

Probably you should start thinking about something like
to communicate between both applications.

If you move both into the same project and functionalities are not really meant to be coupled, I guess you should still keep using something like an event bus to communicate between both, not calling directly the correspondent API’s from one or the other side.

To do so, you could use
Guava’s Event
Bus or something like
Spring Reactor

Hope it helps

thanks for your answers…

a set of more to my problem:
I have a main-live-page/application and many “small”-clients-applications. Alle 'clients" should communicate with the main-page…(on one server …)

but i think Francisco identify my problem very good…

Thanks, all keyword very interesting !
I guess JMS is very nice approach, Vert.x too but maybe oversize for my problem… (but good to know :wink:
Tip over Guava,s Event is also worth a lot :slight_smile:

I try this resolve with JMS …

Thanks a lot !!!

yes me too , this is my first time hear about Vertex, thanks “Francisco” and Marian For your question.