Commercial web components missing after upgrade to 24.4.0 beta 1

Hi forum!
I have upgraded to Hilla 24.4.0 beta 1. After applying all breaking changes Maven complains about not finding the commercial components, e.g.

ERROR(TypeScript)  Cannot find module '@vaadin/crud' or its corresponding type declarations

In addition the import of GridColumn from module @vaadin/grid fails with

ERROR(TypeScript)  Module '"@vaadin/grid"' has no exported member 'GridColumn'.

What have I missed?

Thanks in advance

This import is a minor breaking change that we need to document. It should be updated to use the following:

import { GridColumn } from '@vaadin/grid/vaadin-grid-column.js';

Regarding commercial components: they should only be missing from package.json when using vaadin-core instead of vaadin. Could you please check your pom.xml?


Great, thanks.
Commercial components: I still had com.vaadin:hilla instead of com.vaadin:vaadin in my POM.
GridColumn: works with the new import
Thanks again