ComboBox return list vaadin 14 [Object object]

I am trying to populate a simple combobox in flow and am getting a list of [Object object]

private ComboBox<Cliente> cbxCodCliente;

List<Cliente> listClientes = new ArrayList<Cliente>();
listClientes = prodService.listaClientes();


Have you selected one once? I believe the itemLabelGenerator is only used for the selected value. Use comboBox.setRenderer(...) for the options instead. Using only a renderer will in turn not apply it to the selected value. So you should define both.
ComboBox can only display a String for the selected value, which is defined with the itemLabelGenerator. but you can display any kind of vaadin-components using a ComponentRenderer, or use any other implementation of Renderer like maybe a TemplateRenderer
In contrast, the [Select component]
( of Vaadin will apply its renderer to the selected value too - no need for an itemLabelGenerator there.

cbxCodCliente.setRenderer(new ComponentRenderer<>(item -> new Span(item.getNome())));


It works that way.

Thank you very much.