Combobox overlay sizing & paper-tooltip


I am facing the issue described as bug
and I am trying to mitigate it by inserting paper-tooltip element in the template of the items of the combobox :

<template> [[] ] - [[item.libelle] ] <paper-tooltip>[[] ] - [[item.libelle] ]</paper-tooltip> </template> But it doesn’t seem to work, the tooltip doesn’t appear while hovering an item…
So is there a way to make it appear on the items or, preferably, display an overlay larger than the combobox ?

Hi Sébastien,
In case you’re using the newest 3.0.0-beta1, you can workaround the original issue by including the following style module in your app (before combo-box import preferably):

<dom-module id="my-combo-box-overlay-styles" theme-for="vaadin-combo-box-overlay">
      :host {
        width: 400px !important;

Thanks, i was on 2.0.0 but I have switched to 3.0.0-beta1, perfect ! :slight_smile:

I have to use the vaadin-combo-box 1.3.3 as max version to be full compatible with Polymer 1.

Then I could not apply the mentioned work around.

is there an alternative to fix this on the v-c-b 1.3.3?

Thanks in advanced

![Current behavior]