Combobox not showing text properly

I recently updated a project from version 7.3.10 to 7.4.3, and the update changed the text dislayed in several combo boxes.

Previously text was displayed in the format of “Correct Text Display”, but now they show up in the format “Incorrect text display”. And while this is very minor issue it does break some of my test cases and I think the old format looks better.

Any ideas on what the issue could be would be helpful.

Hello Keenan

It would be nice when you show us your code. So we could help.

Thanks Daniel

Yeah no problem, I’ll put up what i can.

ComboBox process = new ComboBox(); EnumSet<? extends Enum> enumSet; enumSet = EnumSet.allOf( ProcessItem.PROCESSES.class ); for( Object r : enumSet ) process.addItem(r); process.setNullSelectionAllowed( false ); process.setImmediate( true ); process.addValueChangeListener( new Property.ValueChangeListener() { @Override public void valueChange( Property.ValueChangeEvent event ) { reload(); } }); This is the code that does most of the set-up and changes on one of the affected combo boxes,
hope this helps.

Never mind i discovered the issue, they added StringToEnumConverter in 7.4.0 and that was being used by defult and messing things up.