Combobox Issue (strange effect) Vaadin 8.2

Hi Guys, i have a strange effect when i start searching by keyboard
I’m using V8.2 beta1 , but it happened in V8.1 too
Is like get twice same result with different style
Attached the problem to clarify


Well , sometime this happend too.
But in this case the value is correct but showing twice with diferent style

Hi Haijian, i use Chrome 62.0.3202.94 for mac
It seems to work fine in Safari 11

I have created a animated gif to show you

Animated gif Attachted

I guess this is the same issue as reported in Framework GitHub already:


Seems like a bug. Which browser are you using? Is this problem always reproducible? Does the other combobox have the same problem?

Hmm, I cannot reproduce the issue here. Actually, after another look, I was thinking, maybe it’s chrome trying to autofill the combobox for you? Can you try to disable the autofill feature of Chrome and see if the issue is gone?

Indeed, the problem occurs when the AutoFill function is activated.
I should expect this behavior or it’s a Chrome bug