ComboBox in a form ignore required setting

i have a form with a combobox:

    private static final Integer[] tipologieLineeId = new Integer[]
 { 1, 2, 3, 5 };
    private static final String[] tipologieLineeCaption = new String[]
 { "a", "b, "c", "d" };

	    ComboBox  l = new ComboBox("Tipologia");
	    for (int x = 0; x < tipologieLineeId.length; x++) {
, tipologieLineeCaption[x]
	    l.setRequiredError("Inserire la tipologia della linea");

i set it as required + not allow null selection.
When the form is submitted, the required settings is ignored! I can save data with an empty value.
If i transform the combo in a input text all works fine. ( but i need a combo! )

I tryed also to set a default value:


but also this attribute is ignored.

Anyone have a solution?


It seems like i have the same problem too.
The combobox ignore the setrequired.

Anyone have the solution for this? :grin:

I encountered the same problem here too:

  1. the required combobox is left blank.
  2. the form is committed.
    Expected: the form shows a message.
    Actual: no message.

Though, it works when:

  1. an item is selected;
  2. the blank item is selected;
  3. the form is committed.
    Expected/actual: the form shows the message.

Nothing changed, still not working as expected.