ComboBox highlighted as an error when using Binder in Vaadin

I have a ComboBox in my Vaadin application that is always highlighted as an error, even though the value is correct. If I remove the Binder, it works fine.

Here are my Java classes:

public class SolicitudBean {
    private Producto producto;

    public SolicitudBean() {
        this.producto = new Producto();

public class Producto {

    private String code;
    private String denominacion;
    private List<Plazo> plazos; 
@Route(value = ConstantsSimulacion.ROUTE, layout = MainLayout.class)
public class SimulacionRequestView extends Composite<VerticalLayout> implements BeforeEnterObserver {

    private ComboBox<Producto> productoComboBox;
    private Binder<SolicitudBean> solicitudBinder;

    public SimulacionRequestView(
            UserService userService,
            SolicitudCalificarRestClientService solicitudCalificarRestClientService,
            ProductsRestClientService productsRestClientService,
            @Autowired @RouteScopeOwner(MainLayout.class) SolicitudBean solicitudBean) {

        this.solicitudBean = solicitudBean;

        this.solicitudBinder = new Binder<>(SolicitudBean.class);

               .bind(SolicitudBean::getProducto, SolicitudBean::setProducto);


        this.productoComboBox = new ComboBox<Producto>(ConstantsSimulacion.DD_TIPO_DE_PRODUCTO);
        // ... (other configuration)

The ComboBox is highlighted as an error when I use the Binder. If I remove the Binder, it works fine. Any idea why this might be happening? Am I missing something in my configuration?


Which version are you using?

Vaadin 24

There were some bug fixes recently, make sure to use the latest version.

I’m using 24.3.1

is there a way to use a snapshot version?

Why do you need a snapshot version when multiple higher versions are available?

Sorry. I thought my version was the last one

Now I’m using 24.3.5 and the error is still there.

Weird… can you share the full code of that form?

Here you have:

It only happens with productoComboBox. In spite of I included this.productoComboBox.addFocusListener(comboBoxFocusEvent → {

        getUI().get().access(() -> {

    }); the error is still there.