ComboBox dynamic loading data via DataProvider (Filter suggestion)

I would like to use ComboBox for AutoSuggestion with huge amount of items, loader from DB - in V8 this was possible by using DataProvider (
In V10 I have implemented DataProvider, but items are loaded only once and limit is set to Integer.INFINITY. I look like filter is not working, because states “Note that the V10 ComboBox is not lazy-loading between server and client”.
I am missing something? Thank you.

That’s correct, as far as I know. The <vaadin-combo-box> web component doesn’t have data provider support yet, it expects to have all the items available in the client.

But since you are looking for an autosuggest component, I think it should not cause much trouble. For an autocomplete, you usually want 1–3 letters of content before you start showing suggestions. And those letters narrow down the number of options quite a lot already (this of course depends largely on the data and use case), and you can pass those items to the client all at once.

I’m not exactly sure how this should be implemented, though, if you need client side customizations as well as some tricks in Flow.