ComboBox do not show preselect if item is outside page lenght

I stumbled in following problem. Combobox do not show preselect if item is outside page lenght. Default pagelength is 10 items. Everything is working fine if i change ComboBox page lenght to show all options. But it’s not very practical since in reality combobox will have over hundred options.

My test data have about 50 items in Container, set as Combobox datasource. ComboBox is part off custom form. When I bind Item selected from Table for editing in form, databinding seem to work. ComboBox just not showing value. Also setScrollToSelectedItem is set to true, but this do not seem to work either.

Other comboboxes in same form are working, but they have less than 10 options, yet.

Hi Jussi,

What version of Vaadin are you using? I didn’t test your issue now, but I remember very well that the problem was not present when I tested the ComboBox last time with some major bugs fixed. I expect and hope it works on the last stable version, if the fix I’m talking about was included.

Thanks a lot,

Before your comment 7.4.0. Now 7.4.6, still same result.