Combobox - change value, not fire value change event

Does it exist way to change the combobox value, but not fire the value change event?
The situation looks as follow:
Changing the value in combobox triggers database query and reloading data in table. In my situation the data is already loaded, but the combox shows wrong value, so I need just to update the property to corresponding table (data) state. Calling
, loads the data that is already loaded, what lasts long time.
Note: I can’t change the value change listener - it’s not my code.

Hi Agata,

you can’t switch of to fire value change events. Although it would be a nice feature.

What you can do is to remove the ValueChangeListener, set the value and add the Listener again. But to me its a very ugly solution.

Collection<?> listeners = comboBox.getListeners( AbstractField.ValueChangeEvent.class);
for ( Object object : listeners) {
  comboBox.removeValueChangeListener( (ValueChangeListener) object);
comboBox.setValue( value);
for ( Object object : listeners) {
  comboBox.addValueChangeListener( (ValueChangeListener) object);

Thank you. It works.