ComboBox BeanItemContainer

I have a Form with custom layout which contains a ComboBox
the ComboBox is created by custom FieldFactory using BeanItemContainer
the ComboBox contains list of Yes and No, where Yes = “1” and No = “0”

Everything works fine, the ComboBox displays Yes and No list, but when I execute the commit() method on the form the field associated with the ComboBox gets assigned the BeanItemContainer name not the ID property value.

What am I doing wrong?

Does anyone has an example of a Form with a ComboBox which has Key,Value pairs?

Thank You


There’s at least
one example

For another, more practical example, see
. The application is
. To see how the ComboBox for the “station” field works, you need to log in (use any unused username), create a new car and add a new fill.