ComboBox and NewItemHandler -> Client Server Communication


the Vaadin ComboBox is a great UI Component but has a major flaw when also used with the New Item Handler which mostly happens when the user is fast typing data:

  • Users types fast a string to the combobox which isnt included in the DataSource
  • Hitting fast TAB to go to the next input field
  • approx. ~25-40% the new item handler is called (blur) with wrong data because the client ↔ server communication lags behind the client input (TextChangeListener i think)
  • result is, that the combo box displays wrong data

This is especially a bug in environments, where the user types fast data in a mask, e.g. data collection or something like that.
It mostly appears when the vaadin application is deployed on a remote server (localhost, the connection is super fast = new problem).

Has anyone some ideas or hints to workaround this issue, perhaps with client extensions? Or is this a conceptual problem because of vaadins low level client - ser communication?

Thanks for your Help :slight_smile: