ComboBox and more then 400 000 records, how to fill quickly?

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, but the problem is not there.

The problem is the following - in the table a large number of entries (> 400K), is there a way to fill relatively quickly
ComboBox with them?

I have tried many of the containers, but the response time is too large …:glare:

I will be grateful for the information! :smiley:


This seems easier to answer than the previous version ^^
If I remember correctly, the ComboBox is entirely initialized when send from the server. So it will not do any lazy loading when creating the page and will take a long time with any container.

You could do the same kind of feature as the combobox with a table and a filter as in
this sample
. This would give you lazy loading which would render faster but keep in mind that filtering through that huge amount of data will still take a fair amount of time…

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Yes, you’re right. Now try to do so!

Thank you very much for your help!:smiley:

For usabillity a combobox with that much items does not sound userfriendly to me.

A more search/filter like option is much more userfriendly

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Yes, you’re right.:smiley: