Combo box - Fallback value

I’d like to display a list of already registered names.
And, If a name is not set have the possibility to add it.

See image here:

Found no way to achieve this

Also, it would be useful if we had the ability to add subtext to each row to provide extra info like an ID or an address


This is what you are looking for:

Not really, in the case of names duplicate names can happen

So I may already have a John Smith but want to add another one which wouldn’t be possible with this combo box as of yet

Duplicates are possible if you use the right ContainerDataSource and a NewItemHandler. See this example: (method

I’m using the web component though

Mh, not so obvious when you are posting in “Framework” but actually using an “Element” …

Well that’s either a moderator error or a nasty bug in your system. As the screenshot clearly shows I posted it in the elements sections…

Well it is not “my” system, I am just a user. But would be a nasty bug indeed.

Thanks anyway. Guess fiddling with the sources by myself will be easier :frowning: