Collapsable sections?


I’m currently evaluating vaadin vs. RAP for our requirements and have a question regarding the ui capabilities.

We’re in need of collapsable sections, i.e. a section header containing the name of the section and maybe some widgets, e.g. buttons.
Below this section header resides a table containing detailed, editable information about the section.

The whole form consist of several of these sections and only the main relevant ones shall be expanded.
We already use this in a RAP application and I want to know how to achieve this with vaadin.

I hope the attached screenshot can clear up the point :slight_smile:



You could do it with the Animator-Addon:

… and just use the “Disclosure” Object : (Check the example from the Addon)

Disclosure d = new Disclosure("Advanced Settings",
     new Label("...");


Hi Marcel,

that is exactly what I was looking for!

Thanks a lot,