Coding widgets and application in 2 separate eclipse projects

Hello everyone,

First of all, I am familiar with the Vaadin book and it’s not that I haven’t looked in the forums either! But I haven’t found anything to help me solve my problem. Please excuse me if the topic has been covered before.

That being said, I am using eclipse indigo, with the vaadin plugin and gwt 2.4. I have created a vaadin project in which I have made some widgets. I can debug them using the GWT plugin just fine if I run an application in the same project.

However, I want to do this in another vaadin project, using the widgets from the first project. I have tried a simple project classpath reference… specifying the widgetset in the web.xml of the “test” project but I can’t get it to work.

I tried having both projects deployed to tomcat, but everytime I start the application, when comes the time to execute the widget peer, I get class not found exceptions.

What is the best way of setting up an environment in which I can simultaneously debug the application and the widgets (using tomcat or another server, I don’t really care).


Is there no best practice for developping widgets that doesn’t involve rebuilding the widgetset every time a modification is done?

I just need some pointers to make the work more efficient.