Cloud database project using Vaadin

Hi Vaadin-ers,

I wanted to share this for two reasons: First, we’re using Vaadin for the entire web UI for a new product, and it’s good to hear from the community when a new Vaadin project sees the light of day. Second, I hope some of you will find this useful for the database for your web and EE apps.

I recently started working with EnterpriseDB, and we just launched our
cloud database based on PostgresQL
that lets you set up database clusters on Amazon EC2 easily. Other platforms will come, but it’s live now on Amazon. What’s great for me is that I work on the web console that lets you start clusters, add nodes, do backups, etc., and it’s all written in Vaadin. We have a cloud database console hosted for anyone to try, which is the only way right now you could get to the console. There’s a free trial link on the URL above.

I think we’ve used pretty much every component in Vaadin (see images) – am not sure how this would ever have been completed without it! On my todo list is a blog about moving a web app’s back end from a local db to one running in the cloud. Guess what UI framework I’ll use. :slight_smile:


p.s. To use the free trial, I think all you need ahead of time are your Amazon EC2 credentials. If you haven’t tried EC2 before, I could put together a short screen cast/blog that walks you through the signup steps.