Closing notifications automatically even when there is no focus?

Is it possible to make the Vaadin’s Notifications to show up just certain time and automatically close even if there is no focus on them?

I have little app that will work with the push-functionality and user is not required to take focus on it. It can be on the other monitor while working with main monitor.
Currently, when I send tray-notification it will stay there for unlimited time until user will take focus to the browser.

So, in this kind of case, how should I make them to close automatically even without the focus on the browser?

Thanks in advance.

did you try to setDelayMsec(…);

By default the tray notification seems to have 3 second delay already, but after trying to make custom notification with lower delay the notification will stay forever if there is no focus on the browser when it comes.
If I switch the focus to browser, then it will start the timer to close it automatically.

But I want it to close after the delay is over, no need to wait for user action.