Close session in Push Mode

We upgraded our application to vaadin 1.7.3.
We currently have the Push communication mode enabled.
We are having some issues closing the session when a user logout.

Our code looks like this:

public void onLogoutClick() {
//logout sujbect using Shiro security context

//close the session

//refresh and forward to the login page
When the user logout, I see a quick “out of sync” error message and the page is automatically redirected to myapp/login
The error message is noticeable enough to be annoying.
This is not happening in our other applications which we haven’t yet converted to use the push communication mode.

How do I make the error message go away?
The vaadin documentation point out that, setLocation should solve this issue. But this doesn’t seem to be the case when the Push mode is enabled. Please advice.


This sounds like defect