CKEditor widget doesn't resize with container/window

The CKEditor for Vaadin component was ported to Vaadin 7, but the new Vaadin 7 version doesn’t resize the editor area like it did under Vaadin 6. Is there a likely cause for this? Tips on how I might troubleshoot it?

You can see it easily here:

Vaadin 7 (won’t resize):

Vaadin 6 (resizes fine):

Thanks for any tips on how best to check why the component doesn’t get resized?

Any ideas out there on the layout issue? Will this require a full port of the add-on to work – we just did a light port (LegacyComponent) to get it going and it does seem to work, but odd that resizing the windows does not cause the container DIVs to resize like they did under Vaadin 6 (all automatically – we have no special resizing code in place).

Does anybody have any ideas on this? I don’t get it since I don’t seem to have any special code to handle resizing my component. But in Vaadin 6, when my component was setSizeFull() it did this automatically.

Now in Vaadin 7, it seems that I get no resizing, though the initial component fills the space as expected. Do components now need to do resizing themselves, and if so, how is this handled?

With Vaadin 6, when I look at the DOM, it seems that the DIV used for my component has width and height attributes set with specific values, and when I resize the browser, the numbers change with it.

With Vaadin 7, the component DIV has width: 100% and height: 100% and nothing else is changing on resize, so I’m not sure how to get my component to resize.