CKEditor for Vaadin 1.7.0 is available in the directory

Released CKEditor for Vaadin 1.7.0 with support for CKEditor 4.0. There were various changes made to work with the new editor so it’s possible there are undiscovered bugs related to that editor version change.


Google code:

1.7.0 (29 November 2012)

  • Upgraded to CKEditor 4.0, full package.
  • Reworked VaadinSave plugin for 4.0.
  • Reworked config.protectedSource to no longer be part of the inPageConfig.
  • Because CKEditor 4.0 doesn’t have the ‘tableresize’ plugin anymore, we removed CKEditorConfig.enableTableResizePlugin().
  • Changed setReadOnly(true) to set/clear CKEditor’s readOnly flag, a feature introduced in CKEditor 3.6.
    Previously, read-only mode was not part of the editor itself, so we just displayed the HTML without the editor.
  • Related, the new method setViewWithoutEditor(true) will do what setReadOnly(true) previously did, showing the HTML
    contents without the editor.