Chrometric simulates color blindness; test your app!


I’ve just released a free tool called
; it simulates eight types of color blindness, blur (“forgotten glasses”), and reduced contrast (a.k.a my laptop screen on a sunny day). It is essentially a browser, and allows you to check webpages.

Technically, Chrometric is an Adobe AIR application (so it’s Mac/Linux/Win) using GWT, and it’s not actually Vaadin-specific; you can check any site.

According to the Wikipedia page on color blindness about 8 percent of males (but only 0.5 percent of females) are color blind in some way or another.
The United States has slightly less than than the average, but that still amounts to about 10.5 million men. Rural Finland is mentioned as and example area with high proportions of color blindness.

This is a phenomenon we should at least be aware about, and probably get to know a little better, so that we know when to watch out. Or better yet, routinely check our creations for potential problems.

try it!
Hopefully you’ll find Chrometric BETA will be useful or at least interesting.

Download from Vaadin Directory:

Chrometric home:
(webfaction hosted, which seems to be completely down - just my luck)

Please provide feedback: ideas, bugreports, whatever. There is a UserVoice page, or you can of course reply here.

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This is amazing.

It is double amazing, did you check the current top 20 ? -)

Darn, almost caught up with Chameleon Theme in a few days. The feature in might have helped a little :wink:

Sneaky to link from the site to Directory. Now I totally get Marc’s “my ingenious plan worked”-look he gave me today at the office :smiley:

This will be hard to beat in the add-on competition this month…