CheckBox - common value change event

<vaadin-checkbox on-click="cbClick" on-value-change="test"></vaadin-checkbox>

The cbClick method is only called when I click with the mouse. But how can I trigger all value changes, like the one is thrown with the space key?

Is there come hock like my “on-value-change”?

Greetz, Lars

on-change maybe?

Yes, thank you.

But, why I don’t see this in the API ref?

It’s there, under “events”:

change: CustomEvent
Fired when the user commits a value change.

checked-changed: CustomEvent
Fired when the checked property changes.

indeterminate-changed: CustomEvent
Fired when the indeterminate property changes.

on-event-name is just the Polymer syntax of adding an event listener for a particular event, so you could also use on-checked-changed or on-indeterminate-changed.