CheckBox Binding with nullRepresentation leads to strange conversion

I have a strange issue with my CheckBox bound with a Binder.

I load my bean from the DB and it has a property readyToOrder which is false.
But directly after i bind the bean, using binder.setBean(myBean);, the value of readyToOrder is null - which causes Exceptions in other parts of my application

I have tracked it down to the initFieldValue method, more exactly in the conversion to model. But I am not really sure what causes the misconversion (edit: it’s the nullRepresentation of the binding somehow).

I am using Vaadin 12.0.2
Here are the relevant code pieces:

// Bean Class
public class BeanClass {
	private Boolean readyToOrder = false;
	public BeanClass(){
	private Boolean isReadyToOrder(){
		return readyToOrder;
	private void setReadyToOrder(Boolean readyToOrder){
		this.readyToOrder = readyToOrder;
// CheckBox binding in view
Binder<BeanClass> binder = new Binder<>();
CheckBox checkBox = new CheckBox("Ready To Order");
	.bind(BeanClass::isReadyToOrder, BeanClass::setReadyToOrder);
BeanClass myBean = new BeanClass();
// myBean.readyToOrder: false
// myBean.readyToOrder: null

[screenshot: debugging of binder.setBean()]

I just solved it while writing this question, haha! I was able to fix it by removing .withNullRepresentation(false); from the field binding. If the value was null before binder.setBean(), it is now false. If the value was false before, it stays false. This is exactly what I wanted to achieve with .withNullRepresentation(false) but apparently that was not necessary. In the contrary: it made false become null in the actual bean, instead of null “becoming” false for presentation. Why I do not know. I only thought of setting a nullRepresentation in the first place because readyToOrder is of type Boolean and not a primitive boolean.

To sum up: I have no question to you anymore. You don’t have to answer me. I finished writing this question only to make you guys aware of this if this is a bug (which I am not sure of). I just feel like I have wasted too much time on this to not share my solution :wink:
Thank you