Check if brower is javascript enabled

Using Vaadin is good for UI features, but does anyone know a way to check if client’s browser is javascript enabled?
I’d like to redirect user to the static html page if their browser is not js enabled, and I think it’s good for google indexing.
So does anybody know how to check for js when user visit our page and redirect, instead of showing to use vaadin your
browser must enable javascript?

Override AbstractApplicationServlet.getNoScriptMessage() in your own servlet class. The string returned by that method is simply inserted in a tag in AAS.writeAjaxPageHtmlMainDiv() - search the web for the refresh meta tag to return to do the redirection.

yeah, I just came to a thread with this solution. Thanks for helping

Hi, it’s me again. The app always calls to AAS.writeAjaxPageHtmlMainDiv(), and at that point page was written to the tag, so adding META tag is almost impossible. So I try the 2nd solution: after the tag, I will write down the main content of the page in plain text, but in my case, I use UriFragmentUtility to set data for my app. So the writing is done before the event fragmentChanged is called. So do you know a way to solve this?