Charts tooltip throws Javascript exception

New Charts 1.1 with Highcharts 3.0.1 has a nasty bug:
The tooltips now have a delay before they DISAPPEAR. If you remove the chart / view before the tooltip had a chance to disappear (after a short timeout) it will still try to close the tooltip of the no longer existing chart and throw a Javascript NPE (which in IE comes along with a nice huge error dialog popping up).

Seems this has been fixed in Highcharts codebase already but not in the current published version:

An acceptable workaround would be to set tooltip delays to 0 for now using the hideDelay property ( but I couldn’t find it anywhere in Vaadin Charts.

Any suggestions?


According to the discussion in the bug report, there will be a new release soonish. We can build a new Vaadin Charts right after that is out. You could still create a ticket about the issue so I don’t forget it.

If your are in hurry getting rid of this issue, you can override the script loading mechanism and use a snapshot build from Highcharts git repository. Our chart plugin demo shows you how to do this. It uses 1.0.1 version, but nothing has changed in that part.


Ok, thanks for the workaround. I’ll try that for now while waiting for the new Highcharts version.

BTW: Aside from this problem, support for the ‘hideDelay’ option might be nice to have in Vaadin Charts anyways. The rather long tooltip delay can be a bit annoying at times depending what you use that chart for.

It seem that Highcharts guys can be taken at their word. 3.0.2 just got released.
Do you have any idea on how long it might be till a new Vaadin Charts release that includes the latest version?

I think you can expect new release within next week.