Charts: Missing methods and non-working one...


I am currently testing Vaadin Charts with Vaadin 7.1beta.

I have 2 questions/problems:

1-How can I change the vertical grid color?? I can make it appear by changing the thickness with xaxis.setGridLineWidth( 1 );, But there is no method to change the color?? There is methods to change the color of the axis line, the minor grid and the tick lines but not the grid!!

2-The method xaxis.setDateTimeLabelFormats( … ) seems to have no effect. My xaxis is of type Date (xaxis.setType( AxisType.DATETIME );), but changing the format in xaxis.setDateTimeLabelFormats( ) as no effect. The format is always something like “17. May”.


I created an for grid line color. If you have Vaadin Pro account, I suggest to go and vote for it. Too bad it didn’t make into todays 1.1.1 release. In the mean time you can either extend the Axis class with relevant field or use JSON style configuration as basis.

With DateTimeLabelFormats you should notice that there are multiple “zoom levels” for formats. So be sure the set the one that is relevant for your data (or all of them). Based on your comment you should set month field e.g.

        DateTimeLabelFormats f = new DateTimeLabelFormats();
        f.setMonth("%b"); // Short month only


But if you use %m once %b not working…why???

Hi, what is the status of setGridLineColor()? Is it still missing?