Chart's DataLabel use HTML cannot export to PDF

Hi, Im using chart version 3.1.0. When export the chart to svg with DataLabel setUseHTML(true), the chart exported is without the label. See the attached pictures.


Have you tried allowing HTML in the exporting?

Configuration conf = chart.getConfiguration(); conf.getExporting().setAllowHTML(true); If that doesn’t work, it would be helpful to know more about how you do the export to PDF and on what environment.

Are you SVGGenerator? Does the SVG contain the labels? What kind of HTML do you have in the datalabels? What version of phantomjs are you using?

Hope this helps,


Just noticed that the exporting object is not related to SVGGenerator and probably won’t fix your issue.

Also wanted to mention that some HTML is supported even if useHTML is false, the following tags are supported

<b>, <strong>, <i>, <em>, <br/>, <span>. And those should be rendered correctly when exported to SVG and PDF